Places in Between

March 21, 2009








Good Ol’ Days

February 23, 2009

Goat Hill

Ghosts of the Lower Ninth

January 25, 2009


I sat in Atlanta International Airport at dawn in early 2008, waiting for my flight to New Orleans. I felt like I was going to another country, nervous, bag full of electronics and tools, no idea what I’d find when I got off the plane. A friend said things are always different there than you expect. All I really know is she’ll be there when I land and in ten days I’ll leave.

I remember staying up all night days after Hurricane Katrina hit, listening to interviews of survivors and relief workers posted on Indybay, writing an article for Fault Lines about the grassroots response. I imagined ways to get down there but I couldn’t work it out. For two and a half years after I was unable to connect a good reason with a good time.

Everything there is complicated, even just being there. Ultimately I decided there’s value enough in seeing it, the expansive underbelly of inhumanity, of this country, of this government, of capitalism. It should be hard, it should be complicated, it should hurt to go there. It’s still raw. It’s the realest place on the map. Read the rest of this entry »