February 4, 2009

People in LA are hungry. Maybe it’s for fame. Maybe it’s for a career. Maybe it’s just for food. But everyone’s after something and they can’t seem to get enough of it.

In most of the world everyone’s hungry too. Here in the US the hungry are pretty invisible, hidden off on the edges of the map or in the parts of town that aren’t on the way to anywhere. Or they call the hungry ‘ambitious’ or ‘motivated’ or ‘driven.’ We don’t usually see these people because we’re not allowed into their boardrooms or gated communities. Either way, they’ve all got that same starved look in their eyes.

In LA you can feel it. You see it everyday on the street. You hear it in strangers’ voices on the bus. It’s what makes this city more like the rest of the world and less like the rest of this country.


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